September 22, 2021

MLB manager watch — Who’s out and latest on potential replacements (ESPN)

While baseball’s best teams prepare for what they hope will be a long run in October, the rest try to fix what went wrong — and in some cases, that means replacing the manager.

Here’s the latest on baseball’s managerial merry-go-round: who’s out, which vacancies are the most appealing and who might get the call.

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Open jobs

Pittsburgh Pirates

Out: Clint Hurdle

Record: Career — 1,269-1,345 (17 seasons); with Pirates — 735-720 (nine seasons); 2019 — 69-92

Why he’s out: Four years removed from three consecutive wild-card appearances, the club is faced with the prospect of an extended rebuild with attendance already in the dumper after the team’s high-profile trades — shipping out stars such as Gerrit Cole and Andrew McCutchen or bringing in Chris Archer — didn’t keep the Pirates anywhere close to contention.

Why Pittsburgh is a good job: For a skipper ready to ride out that rebuild, there’s some talent to work with. The lineup has a few major building blocks in place, such as Josh Bell and Starling Marte, and has talent on the rise. The pitching staff provides some…

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