September 23, 2021

The Washington Nationals are the Anti-Modern Baseball Team (Baseball Essential)

Most, if not every team in Major League Baseball has an analytics department that helps them make pivotal decisions. But viewing matters from a roster and managerial standpoint, the National League-champion Washington Nationals are the anti-modern baseball team.

Speedsters at the Top of the Order, Heavy Swingers in the Heart of the Order

Modern-day wisdom says to put your two best hitters at the top of the order. The Nationals refuse.

Shortstop Trea Turner and right fielder Adam Eaton are the first two hitters on the Nationals lineup card. Now, both players are proven hitters who have come up clutch in the postseason for the Nationals. Heck, Turner hit .298 and recorded an .850 OPS in the regular season. But they’re not the Nationals’ two best hitters or sources of power, so to speak.

The speedsters are contact hitters with pop in their bats. Turner is one of the fastest players in the sport — exemplified by him making groundballs close plays at first base and swiping bags — and Eaton is adept at getting on-base in crafty ways such as ambush bunting and hitting ’em where they ain’t.

Turner and Eaton set the table for a prolific duo.

Just like the good old days…

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