September 17, 2021

MLB continues its investigation into fallout of Astros controversy (The Athletic)

WASHINGTON — For the first time since the start of an imbroglio that has cast a shadow on the World Series, Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow met with Stephanie Apstein, the Sports Illustrated reporter that his organization falsely accused of fabricating a story after she exposed inappropriate behavior by a since-fired member of his front office. As the Astros took batting practice prior to Game 3 on Friday night, Luhnow and Apstein spoke for 15 minutes in the visitor’s dugout.

Apstein requested a formal retraction for an Astros statement released Monday that accused her of “fabricating a story where one does not exist.” Luhnow did not commit to issuing one.

Meanwhile, commissioner Rob Manfred said that Major League Baseball’s investigation into the matter is ongoing, and will continue through the World Series.

“There are a variety of issues,” Manfred said regarding the scope of the investigation. “I’m not going to narrow it to the…

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