September 23, 2021

Three quick observations about the Astros’ win in World Series Game 3 (The Athletic)

The Houston Astros had an amazingly bad PR week for a team that should feel like they’re the center of the baseball universe for all the right reasons. It was a fantastic mess of unforced errors, seemingly without end. And they were already down, 2-0, in the World Series, needing to win four games out of five against a strong team. Another loss would have buried them.

Instead, they won, 4-1. Now they’ll have to win three games out of four. Or three in a row. Which seems like a very, very plausible outcome for the 2019 Astros.

The Nationals will just have to pretend that the series is tied, and that they won a hard-fought Game 3. The suspension of reality is how I deal with tough losses and missed chances like that, anyway. They’re still in control. They still have two more games at Nationals Park, and they still have a chance to win it all at home.

Here are three quick observations about Game 3.

The Nationals picked a rotten time to…

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