September 26, 2021

Carig: Alex Bregman came to bat with a chip on his shoulder, helped the Astros tie the Series (The Athletic)

WASHINGTON — Sometimes, Alex Bregman can dominate a game on overwhelming skill alone. Other times, he draws upon his will, hardened by slights that he’s accumulated like scars. He wears the most visible one on his back— uniform No. 2 — a reminder that he was drafted second overall and not first. If neither skill nor will is enough, he turns to another seemingly endless reservoir, his work ethic. A slump is rare. But when one won’t go away, as has been the case for much of his postseason, it means more swings, more experimentation, more time in the cage. And if that doesn’t suffice, he’s not above giving into superstition.

Bregman’s greatness is a blend of all these. The precise mixture remains a mystery, even to those who know him best on the Astros. What’s obvious though are the moments in which the alchemy is just right, and Bregman is exactly as he prefers to envision himself, the best player in the universe. So when the Nationals…

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