September 22, 2021

Stark: Astros one win away from something special (The Athletic)

WASHINGTON — They’re not quite there, but they can see it. They can smell it. They can feel it.

Then again, they could see it, smell it, feel it back in February. Back in March. Back on Opening Day.

The Houston Astros are one win away now. Not just one win away from winning a World Series. One win away from doing something amazing. From doing something only the most special teams in history have ever done. We’ll tell you more about that momentarily.

After their 7-1 slicing and dicing of the Nationals on a Sunday evening that looked like so many of those October nights they’ve become famous for, the Astros now lead this World Series, 3 games to 2. They walked into D.C. this weekend, down 0-2 in this Series, and never trailed. Not for one pitch of any game. They won three straight games, by a combined score of 19-3, against a team that had lost two games in the last month before they showed up.

You know how hard that is to do —…

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