September 17, 2021

‘This is the most severe one of all time’: Max Scherzer deals with pain and disappointment after Game 5 scratch (The Athletic)

WASHINGTON — Max Scherzer could not move, so he rolled over and fell out of bed. His body thumped against the floor. He hoisted himself up with the help of his left arm, the one that still worked. His wife Erica helped him put on clothes. 

Game 5 of the World Series was just a half-day away. 

Of all the times for his back to lock up, of all the times for a muscle to spasm and pinched nerve to immobilize his neck, why did it have to be Sunday morning? Game 5? Really? Why had the symptoms — little neck spasms at first — needed to surface on Saturday? Why had the treatment not worked? And why had he woken up in more pain than before? 

“This is the most severe one of all time,” Scherzer would say.

All things considered, it felt especially cruel. The Washington Nationals were two victories from a world championship, tied at 2-2 with the Houston Astros. Scherzer, 35, was here in the World Series for the second time. On Sunday, he…

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