September 23, 2021

Stark: If the Nationals win the Series, they would wipe out 95 years of … well, what exactly? (The Athletic)

WASHINGTON – It’s been 95 years. That seems like kind of a long time. Longer even than a 14-pitcher October bullpen-game special.

It’s been 95 years – 95 years since Walter Johnson ambled out of the bullpen to win Game 7 of the only World Series a baseball team from Washington has ever won. That team was the Senators. The date was Oct. 10, 1924. And this is where we ask: How long ago was that?

It was so long ago that there was no such thing as television or even a beer can yet — let alone a laptop or a smartphone. So if Washingtonians wanted to post their heartfelt joy over winning that World Series, they literally had to, well, climb a post.

But now another baseball team from Washington — the 2019 Nationals — is still playing baseball, deep into October, trying to end this 95-year drought. That picture looked rosier a few days ago, before the Nationals lost three straight games to the Houston Astros in their home park. But even though that…

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