September 26, 2021

Glanville: I’ve despised the running lane rule since I was a player. Here’s why it needs to change (The Athletic)

I have this haunting memory.

I laid down a near-perfect bunt. It was the late 1990s. The way I remember it, Aaron Boone was playing third base, though it might have been another Red, and even though the AstroTurf at Riverfront Stadium would add more pace than I wanted to the ball, the surface gave me great traction and speed as a runner. No way he is going to get me.

As I typically did, I ran diagonally to get to first base. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, so I would run straight to first base from the front of the right-handed batter’s box, since I was often out on my front foot.

Boone’s throw would take the first baseman up the line, and he would reach for the ball just as I would arrive. I was confident I would be safe regardless, but I grazed his glove and body as I went by, causing him to lose the ball and the play.

Bunt base hit. I felt good.

Then reality set in.

First-base umpire Joe West…

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