September 26, 2021

‘I just thought it looked pretty cool’: Before Juan Soto mimicked Bregman, he launched a World Series-altering HR (The Athletic)

HOUSTON — Before the act of mimicry — or mockery, depending on your perspective — went viral, the players inside the Washington Nationals dugout had little interest in the whereabouts of Juan Soto’s black Rawlings bat. They were too busy trying to find the baseball. They craned their necks, eyes searching through the lights of Minute Maid Park as the parabola soared into the second deck of right field.

“When,” wondered catcher Yan Gomes, “is it ever coming down?”

“Everybody,” second baseman Brian Dozier said, “was in awe of how high and far it went.”

“I was just like, ‘Oh my word,’” outfielder Adam Eaton said. “I thought it was going to hit the rafters.”

The baseball crashed into the seats an estimated 413 feet from the plate, and thus an estimated 323 feet from where Soto was creating the most indelible image of this World Series. He carried his lumber up the first-base line, clutching the barrel, the mirror image…

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