September 22, 2021

‘Legend. Legendary’: Stephen Strasburg’s electric Game 6 gives the Nationals another shot in the arm (The Athletic)

HOUSTON – January. June. October.

Those are the months for ultimate greatness in the major U.S. team sports.

You lift Stanley Cups and raise Larry O’Brien trophies in June. You get to Super Bowls in January (though, now, you play the actual game in February). And you win the WNBA crown and get your Cooperstown bust measured in October.

Stephen Strasburg isn’t quite ready for the sculptor’s chisel. But he’s piling up some chits.

He has been the Nationals’ ace this season. He picked his team up again in Game 6 of the World Series Tuesday, going 8 1/3 innings, throwing 104 pitches. That came after he allowed two first-inning runs; afterward, he shut down one of baseball’s best lineups a second time, leading Washington to a 7-2 win and a 3-3 Series tie, with Max Scherzer now set to take the ball for Game 7 on Wednesday. But, first, let us contemplate Tuesday, the fourth time the Nationals have faced postseason…

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