September 17, 2021

Sarris: Three quick observations from the Nationals’ win in World Series Game 6 (The Athletic)

In the best game of this World Series so far, the Nationals took down the Astros 7-2 to continue this matchup’s weird mini-trend of road teams winning every game. But that was hardly the weirdest thing about this game, which featured dustups regarding strategy, showmanship, and the rule book before it was all over.

Here are first takeaways on three key moments.

The Strategy of the First Inning

The top of the first inning displayed what you might describe as two different approaches to the analytics of certain strategies. Though it’s not true that the Astros are automatons and the Nationals don’t use numbers, the two big decisions about how to play the first inning were certainly different.

After Trea Turner beat out a throw and ended up on first base, the Nationals elected to bunt with Adam Eaton. Not every single bunt goes against what we know about the numbers — some can raise your chance of scoring one run, even as they lower…

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