September 17, 2021

Gammons: Ranking this World Series against the best in baseball history (The Athletic)

This wasn’t the first time a sitting president was loudly booed at a World Series game. In 1931, at Shibe Park in Philadelphia, with the nation mired in the Great Depression, a former Stanford shortstop named Herbert Hoover was derided and showered with the chant, “We want beer!” Baseball and Prohibition didn’t mix.

This time, an Astros front-office executive had become one of the storylines of this Series for displaying anti-social misbehavior toward a highly respected journalist, compounded by a team release claiming that the story reported in Sports Illustrated was fake news, when it soon turned out that the release was, in fact, fake news.

We had hours of robot umpire strike-zone discussion, a baserunner interference controversy and mediocre television ratings. There were two four-hour games amidst seven that averaged 3:40, a flashing incident and a bat-carrying controversy centered on baseball etiquette. (Forget the beginning of the Oakland A’s…

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