September 17, 2021

The biggest needs for every team in the National League (The Athletic)

Baseball has no offseason. The World Series is over? Great, fire up the hot stove! While the Nationals were still celebrating their Game 7 victory Wednesday night, Gerrit Cole, arguably the winter’s top free agent, was speaking about Houston in the past tense while donning a Boras corporation cap. One-hundred and thirty-one players became free agents on Thursday, not counting those whose options were declined. The rumor mill is already churning. Opt-out decisions, including that of World Series MVP Stephen Strasburg, are imminent (Strasburg must decide by Saturday, J.D. Martinez has until Monday). It can all be a little overwhelming. So, as a primer for what is to come over the next three or four months, I have identified every team’s largest need, while also providing a quick-reference guide to each team’s free agents and player options.

In doing so, I tried to keep the focus on the word “need.” The Yankees might want another front-line starting pitcher, but…

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