September 22, 2021

For better or worse: Eighteen MLB free agents who can make an impact with their defense (The Athletic)

When people look at free-agent position players, they often consider them in terms of what they bring with their bats and focus less on what they do in the field.

We’re here to reverse that and provide a more complete picture. This is intended to be a look at which free agents could be most impactful defensively (positively or negatively) and at how some of the top free agents will have an impact on their teams in the field.

They’re listed below in alphabetical order by last name.

Asdrúbal Cabrera, 3B-2B

Cabrera’s track record (-79 career Defensive Runs Saved) indicates that he might be best suited as a DH, given that he’s turning 34 in a few days. There isn’t really a good positional fit for him, though teams have continued to try him at second base, shortstop and third base.

If a team does play him in the field, it’s conceding that it’ll live with his biggest weakness — he just doesn’t cover as much ground as others at…

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