September 26, 2021

Fantasy hot stove: Josh Donaldson to the Brewers and 11 more of this offseason’s best free agent pairings (The Athletic)

We call this time of year Hot Stove Season, but it’s really more like Kitchen Faucet Season. On Monday, we had the first small trickle of activity when Nick Markakis and Tyler Flowers re-signed with the Braves. Eventually, there will be a steadier stream of moves, but for now, we are still anticipating the big splashes to be made by the biggest-impact free agents.

As fans, we may have our preferences for where the top free agents will land, and as fantasy owners, we may have some rooting interests as well. What we don’t have is a vote. We also don’t have perfect information. What may look like a great landing spot in November could turn out to be less than ideal by opening day, depending on what moves the team in question may make.

That said, we can still have a pretty good idea of which team might represent the best opportunity for a player to put up the best possible numbers for fantasy. While this year’s free agents (or any other…

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