September 22, 2021

Rosenthal: Who will win? Who should win? Start the debate – here are my choices for the MLB awards (The Athletic)

It’s awards week, the closest thing Major League Baseball offers to the Oscars. Of course, the good men and women of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America spread the fun over four days, not one. Also, no one ever treats us with the solemnity accorded to “the distinguished members of the Academy.” We are the brethren, as MLB Network’s Brian Kenny sneeringly puts it. Or, in the words of Kate Upton, another of our good friends, “you $#@*!$#*&!!!”

The Athletic’s Jayson Stark — a J.G. Taylor Spink Award winner who actually is deserving of respect — predicted his winners in September. His column was more entertaining and informative than this one will be — shocking, I know — but it’s time for me to step up, show transparency and reveal my selections for 2019. I’ll hold off only on American League MVP, for which I was a voter this year. That column will come on Thursday night, after the winner of the Mike…

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