September 23, 2021

MLB shouldn’t expect much from Astros investigating their own cheating (ESPN)

The Houston Astros announced Tuesday that they’ve opened an investigation after former Astro Mike Fiers told The Athletic the team used a camera in center field to steal signs and immediately communicate that information to its hitters, violating baseball rules.

This has overshadowed other breaking news:

• Pete Rose declared that he’s going to look into the question of whether he bet on baseball.

Ryan Braun announced he’s investigating why he accused a urine collector of tampering with his sample tainted with performance-enhancing drugs.

Hunter Strickland has hired detectives to determine how it came to pass that he threw a fastball into the middle of Bryce Harper‘s body in 2017.

It probably took longer for the Astros to generate the statement about the forthcoming investigation than the actual investigation should require — that is to say, two phone calls, to ask two questions.

Astros owner Jim Crane can call Jeff Luhnow, Houston’s general manager and head of baseball operations, and ask: What happened?

And if Luhnow doesn’t know, he can call his video operator and ask: What happened? That’s all it should take.

But Luhnow should already know what happened,…

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