October 17, 2021

Scott Boras says MLB teams more eager for talking this year (ESPN)

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Scott Boras, who represents most of this offseason’s elite free agents, predicted Wednesday that the recent MLB freeze on free agency could thaw sooner rather than later.

“Clubs are wanting meetings and wanting to get in front of the players,” Boras said at the general managers meetings. “They’re all telling me they want to make much earlier decisions. I did not hear any of that last year.”

When asked if any of his high-profile clients might sign before mid-January, Boras said, “I think all of them have the possibility of signing much earlier than that.”

Boras knows all too well how long it has taken for top names to sign free-agent deals the past couple of years.

His client Bryce Harper inked his contract with the Philadelphia Phillies late in February, and another Boras client, Jake Arrieta, was a March signee the year before, also with Philadelphia. What once took place at the winter meetings has been extended into spring training — or beyond — but Boras believes that could change this time around.

“I’m frustrated in the sense that the game has been hurt by it,” he said of the delays. “Hurt by it in the sense that fans want [players to sign].”


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