September 17, 2021

Craig Edwards FanGraphs Chat – 11/14/2019 (FanGraphs)


mike sixel: Rumor has it Odorizzi will sign his QO. Like Ryu last year, this seems to make sense to me (not predicting he’s as good as Ryu…..). He gets 18 million, and is a FA next year without the QO attached. Thoughts?


Craig Edwards: It’s a surprising decision, for sure, if that’s what ends up happening. There is a pretty strong class of mid-tier starting pitchers this year, though most teams could use one. It worked out well for Ryu as his market is a lot better. Lance Lynn had to take a one-year deal below the QO a few years ago when there were probably two-year deals on the table and while he might not have gotten as much as he’s worth, he ended up okay. We’ll see how Keuchel does. We normally think of taking the QO as avoiding risk, but that’s not really the way it is for Odorizzi. He can probably get $30 million or something no matter what happens to his market. The risk is taking the QO and performing poorly. The reward is taking the $18 M now and then getting $40 M or more next season and doubling his downside. For a pitcher who is already making a lot of money, shooting for a bigger payday down the…

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