September 26, 2021

Stark: The 10 numbers that defined baseball in 2019, revisited (The Athletic)

We’d love to tell you that back on Opening Day, we saw all of this coming. Then again, we’d also love to tell you we saw all the Powerball numbers coming, too. Neither would be quite true, unfortunately.

But you know what we did see coming? A bunch of cool trends we rounded up seven months ago, in a piece we called: The 10 Numbers That Define Baseball in 2019. We laid them out. We watched them all season. And now that we know how they actually turned out, we’re bringing them back.

Which of those numbers did we get right? Which of them went up in flames? Which are still works in progress? We can help you with that – with a little opus we’re entitling: The 10 Numbers That Defined Baseball (Revisited).

The Magic Number: 5,000

WHAT IT MEANS: There’s always a breeze in a ballpark near you these days. Which would be cool if we were talking about the weather. But we’re talking about the breeze from swinging and missing – because, incredibly,…

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