September 26, 2021

The NL MVP: How writers from The Athletic voted, and why (The Athletic)

Los Angeles’ Cody Bellinger was named National League MVP on Thursday night, capping a career year and making him the first Dodgers position player to receive the award since Kirk Gibson in 1988. The award, which goes to the league’s top player, saw Bellinger get 19 of the 30 first-place votes. Milwaukee’s Christian Yelich received 10 first-place votes and Washington’s Anthony Rendon got one.  

Here are at The Athletic we’re fortunate to have a large contingent of writers voting for this year’s NL MVP. (You can view individual ballots here: Here’s a look inside the quartet’s respective votes, and their thought process.

Jayson Stark

My MVP: I voted for Yelich (followed by Bellinger and Rendon). I don’t expect him to win. But I looked at this long and hard. And it’s tough not to vote for a guy who had an 1.110 OPS, stole 30 bases and was even better this year than he was last year…

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