September 26, 2021

ESPN’s 2019 All-MLB Team (ESPN)

At the end of every baseball season, the MVP and Cy Young voting do a reasonable job of distinguishing the elite of the elite in Major League Baseball. In terms of a position-by-position breakdown, though, the sport’s only recognition comes from All-Star voting in the middle of the year. Following their seasons, the NFL offers an All-Pro team and the NBA names an All-NBA team. Baseball does no such thing.

Since there’s no good reason for that gap, we took it upon ourselves to solicit the input of media members from around the country and name ESPN’s first All-MLB team — something we expect to be an annual happening. Sixty-eight people participated in the voting, choosing first-, second- and third-team players at 10 positions. Every player was assigned a specific position to cut down on cross-positional voting. A first-team vote was worth 5 points, a second-team vote 3 points and a third-team vote 1 point. Only two players — American League MVP Mike Trout and AL Cy Young runner-up Gerrit Cole — were unanimous first-team choices.

Here are…

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