September 17, 2021

‘I want to know where the sport stands’: Jessica Mendoza wants clarity on rules for broadcasters who work for teams (The Athletic)

Jessica Mendoza arrived at the Dodgers clubhouse to work, just as she had done all season. Before Game 3 of the National League Division series in Washington, she planned to speak with a few players before a meeting with manager Dave Roberts, part of her duties with the ESPN radio crew. This access is typical, though she’d soon receive a reminder of the delicate line she’s had to walk since taking another job with the Mets. As Mendoza waited for Roberts’ session to begin, she was approached by a league official, who relayed a Dodgers request that she leave their clubhouse. It was in accordance with a rule that the team had put in place earlier in the season, though according to Mendoza, it hadn’t been regularly enforced. Now, before an important assignment, she sat by herself in what she called a “quarantined room,” wondering what she’d done wrong.

“It was kind of weird because they didn’t even want me close to it,” Mendoza said. “It just was weird, like…

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