September 17, 2021

In letter, Congress members express opposition to minor league overhaul (ESPN)

More than 100 members of Congress expressed their “firm opposition” to a proposal by MLB that would eliminate more than 40 minor league teams.

The letter, signed Tuesday and addressed to commissioner Rob Manfred, warned that the proposal would “devastate our communities, their bond purchasers and other stakeholders affected by the potential loss of these clubs.”

The current agreement between Major League Baseball and the minor league teams — called the Professional Baseball Agreement — expires at the end of the 2020 season.

MLB is looking to make some major changes that would overhaul all levels of the minors, particularly at low Class A and below.

According to one proposal by MLB, the more than 40 teams at the lower levels that are not included in this venture would be reclassified into a “Dream League,” which would be run jointly by MLB and Minor League Baseball and would include players who were not selected in the draft.

“Reducing the number of Minor League Baseball clubs and overhauling a century-old system that has been consistently safeguarded by Congress is not in the best interest of the overall game of baseball, especially when Major League Baseball’s revenues are at…

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