September 17, 2021

Anthony Davis latest to face wrath of jilted fans (ESPN)

On Wednesday night, Anthony Davis will make his highly anticipated return to his former home of New Orleans. Given the way in which he left — by announcing he would not re-sign with the Pelicans and demanding a trade — the odds of him receiving a warm welcome are, well, low.

In fact, there’s probably a greater chance of Golden State reclaiming the NBA title this season than there is of Davis being greeted with anything less than a resounding chorus of boos. Sorry to drag you into this, Warriors fans: It’s not your fault.

While there’s likely little The Brow can do to quell the hostile environment (aside from putting up ridiculous numbers to quiet the crowd), he can take solace in knowing that he is far from the first athlete to go from beloved to disdained by an organization’s entire fan base.

Seriously, if we included every contentious homecoming in sports, this article would start to drag on longer than that awkward conversation with the relative who…

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