September 22, 2021

Magic co-founder Pat Williams dreaming of bringing major-league baseball to Orlando (The Athletic)

Pat Williams proved doubters wrong when he convinced the NBA in 1987 that Orlando merited an expansion franchise.

Now, the former sports executive has launched another crusade. Williams has started an effort, still in its early stages, to bring a major-league baseball team to Orlando.

And his latest idea, though still speculative, could give Tampa Bay Rays officials an option, or perhaps leverage, as they map out their franchise’s long-term future.

On Wednesday, Williams announced he will gauge Orlandoans’ interest in having a major-league baseball team of their own. The fans’ response, or lack thereof, will determine what next steps, if any, he’ll take. But to give his nascent plan some structure, he already has picked out a name — the “Orlando Dreamers” — not to mention a preliminary logo and a website. Other than that, he provided few specifics.

“What is pertinent is finding out how badly this community wants to do this,”…

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