September 17, 2021

The Texas Rangers Should Trade for Kris Bryant (Baseball Essential)

The Texas Rangers should trade for Kris Bryant.

One of the prevalent rumors across Major League Baseball over the last two months has been that high-profile position players such as Bryant, Mookie Betts, and Francisco Lindor could be traded this offseason. Now, all three players are under team control though 2021, at the latest. On the other hand, their skill sets could help steer a franchise in the right direction or make a contender formidable.

Acquiring Bryant takes the Rangers offense to the next level.

After a shaky 2018 campaign and a bumpy start to the 2019 regular season, Bryant put together an encouraging bounce-back season.

The homegrown Cub finished the regular season with a .282 batting average, a .903 OPS, and 31 home runs across 147 games. Bryant has always been prone to strikeouts, but he’s still a dangerous hitter. He finishes swings, ropes line drives and home runs, and has been an integral source of offense for the Chicago Cubs.

Meanwhile, Bryant is a great defender. He has a great arm, makes dividing plays on his back hand with ease, and has good awareness. He also brings the precious element of versatility to the table. While Bryant has taken the bulk of…

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