September 26, 2021

Rob Manfred on the status of the investigation into the Astros, and where it might lead (The Athletic)

ARLINGTON, Texas — Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred made two broad commitments Thursday regarding the scope of his investigation into the Astros’ electronic sign stealing: He said his office will vet the Astros’ 2018 and 2019 seasons as well as 2017, and he said he will indeed pursue other leads that are expected to arise during the investigation.

“We are going to investigate the Astros situation as thoroughly as humanly possible,” Manfred said after the conclusion of the owners’ meetings. “That investigation is going to encompass not only what we know about ’17, but also ’18 and ’19. We are talking to people all over the industry. Former employees, competitors, whatever. To the extent that we find other leads, we’re going to follow these leads. We will get to the bottom of what we have out there in terms of what went on to the extent that it’s humanly possible. I just can’t speculate beyond that.”

Manfred might have been…

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