September 26, 2021

Cole? Lindor? Rendon? The realistic guide to the Yankees’ offseason (ESPN)

In many ways, it was a decade of success for the New York Yankees: They had the most wins in the majors with 921, they hit the most home runs and scored the second-most runs, they never had a losing season and they played in more postseason games than any other American League team.

The only fact that matters for Yankees fans, however: no World Series appearances. The 2010s were the first decade since the 1910s that the Yankees didn’t make a trip to the World Series — that was the decade before a certain Sultan of Swat was acquired from the Boston Red Sox.

Hey, on the bright side, at least the Yankees finished in first place for the first time since 2012. They had gone six consecutive seasons without a division title. Still, 103 wins and an American League Championship Series loss to the Houston Astros for the second time in three seasons only created a final sense of frustration. That is not good enough for a franchise and its fans, who treat World Series appearances like a birthright.

It’s especially frustrating in light of what happened last offseason. After acquiring James Paxton, DJ LeMahieu, Zack Britton and Troy Tulowitzki, the back cover of the New York Daily News termed…

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