September 17, 2021

Rosenthal: Doctor at center of Jacoby Ellsbury dispute says he never treated the player for a work-related injury (The Athletic)

For the Yankees to avoid paying the remaining $26 million on Jacoby Ellsbury’s contract, they will need to demonstrate the outfielder not only visited an outside specialist without their permission but also received treatment for a work-related injury.

Viktor Bouquette, the doctor at the center of the dispute between the team and player, says he never treated Ellsbury for a work-related injury – a statement that, if proven true, likely would mean Ellsbury did not violate his contract and baseball’s collective-bargaining agreement.

The Yankees say otherwise. They informed the players’ union on Friday they will not pay Ellsbury the rest of his seven-year, $153 million contract – $21 million in salary plus a $5 million buyout on a $21 million club option in 2021.

Some on the players’ side believe the Yankees’ motivation in seeking to recoup Ellsbury’s guaranteed money stems from their failure to insure his contract in 2020; the team had insurance…

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