September 23, 2021

John Sherman officially takes over as controlling owner of Royals (ESPN)

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — John Sherman had sold his successful energy company and embarked on a nine-month trip around the world with his wife, Marny. They had visited Africa and Asia and all points between, and had landed in Europe when the most incredible thing happened.

Sherman’s long-suffering but beloved Kansas City Royals reached the World Series.

It was Marny who, upon noticing her husband watching for updates on his phone, encouraged Sherman to return to Kansas City. So smack-dab in the midst of their global sojourn, the white-haired businessman with a bushy mustache and self-deprecating sense of humor hopped a jet home in time to watch Games 6 and 7 between the Royals and San Francisco Giants at Kauffman Stadium.

Little did Sherman know, five years later he would be back in the ballpark, staring out a window from the club’s hall of fame Tuesday after being introduced as the team’s new controlling owner.

“The opportunity to do this in your hometown is very, very special,” said Sherman, who grew up an Army brat but ultimately settled in Kansas City, where he founded both of his energy businesses. “I feel incredibly fortunate to be sitting in this seat. but I also realize the…

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