September 26, 2021

MLB Investigating Sam Dyson Under Domestic Violence Policy (MLB Trade Rumors)

Major League Baseball has launched an investigation into free-agent reliever Sam Dyson after a pair of Instagram posts made by his ex-girlfriend alluded to abuse, Ken Rosenthal and Katie Strang of The Athletic report (subscription required). NBC Sports’ Craig Calcaterra also covered the topic earlier this morning.

Specific incidents aren’t detailed, though the posts do make reference to objects being thrown at the alleged victim. Dyson is not mentioned by name, but Rosenthal and Strang have confirmed that he is indeed the person being referenced within. Additionally, there are broader references to the alleged victim’s physical and emotional well-being.

“I’ve allowed my physical health, my emotional health and my mental health to diminish to nothing. I’ve allowed more things to happen than I want to admit,” one post reads. Another concludes by stating: “No one deserves to be intimidated, scared, worthless and hopeless.”

As with the early stages of nearly all investigations…

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