September 17, 2021

The 20 best MLB games of the 2010s (The Athletic)

The 2010s — a decade without a helpful shorthand moniker — have provided baseball with a varied landscape. The decade began with “The Year of the Pitcher;” it ended with the year of the juiced baseball, with more home runs hit than ever before.

The sport’s evolution carried over to individual franchises, with the constitution of the game’s haves and have-nots inverting at times over the 10-year span. The Giants, who started the decade with three titles in five seasons, have been the eighth-worst team over the last three years. The Astros, who had the worst record over the first seven years, have been their best over the last three.

The 2010s have included, however, a remarkable number of incredible games. The expansion of the postseason and the creation of the Wild Card Game has created an extra layer of drama in the first week of October. As often as not, that drama has extended as much as possible, to Game 7 of the World Series.

The ’90s…

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