September 22, 2021

Exemptions for ADHD drugs in MLB drop to lowest in decade (ESPN)

NEW YORK — The number of major leaguers allowed to use otherwise-banned drugs to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder dropped to the lowest level since the sport started issuing annual reports in 2008.

The results come in a report issued Monday by Thomas Martin, the independent program administrator for the joint drug program of Major League Baseball and the players’ association.

There were 91 therapeutic use exemptions for ADHD drugs in the year ending with the 2019 World Series. That was down from the previous lows, 101 last year, and 103 in 2017. Exemptions for hyperactivity disorder had ranged from 105 to 119 annually from 2008 to 2016, prompting some to criticize their issuance as too lenient.

Drugs prescribed to treat ADHD often contain amphetamine and methylphenidate, stimulants on baseball’s banned list.

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