September 17, 2021

2020 MLB Arbitration Tracker Now Available (MLB Trade Rumors)

MLBTR will be keeping track of all arbitration-related figures, including settlement amounts, team and player submissions, and hearing results in our handy 2020 MLB Arbitration Tracker.  The tracker is currently up-to-date for all 191 arbitration eligible players, including numbers for those who have settled on their 2020 salary.  You can filter by team, service time, and signing, hearing, and Super Two status.  Bookmark the 2020 MLB Arbitration Tracker today!

January 10th marks the deadline for players and teams to exchange salary figures.  As ESPN’s Jeff Passan noted last January, all 30 teams now employ the “file-and-trial” approach to arbitration, meaning that if they don’t reach an agreement by the January 10th filing date, they’ll automatically go to a hearing no matter the difference.  In the potentially contentious arbitration hearings, of which there were 10 last winter, a “panel of three independent arbitrators renders a winner-take-all decision,” as Passan put it. …

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