September 17, 2021

2020 Competitive Balance Draft Pick Order (MLB Trade Rumors)

Major League Baseball has determined the orders of Competitive Balance Rounds A and B for the 2020 amateur draft, Jonathan Mayo of reports. Comp Round A takes place after the first round of the draft, while Comp Round B goes down at the conclusion of the second round. The selections are comprised of picks awarded to teams that are considered in the bottom 10 in terms of market size and/or revenue.

Here’s the order of the two rounds, per Mayo:

Round A

31) Baltimore Orioles
32) Pittsburgh Pirates
33) Kansas City Royals
34) Arizona Diamondbacks
35) San Diego Padres
36) Colorado Rockies
37) Cleveland Indians
38) St. Louis Cardinals

Round B

68) Miami Marlins
69) Detroit Tigers
70) Tampa Bay Rays
71) Milwaukee Brewers
72) Cincinnati Reds
73) Minnesota Twins

Unlike the typical draft pick, these choices can be traded, which means the order listed above isn’t necessarily etched in stone. However, these picks can only be traded during the season, and they can change hands just once….

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