September 17, 2021

Rosenthal: The Dodgers are in position to make a big move this winter. Will they take advantage? (The Athletic)

The Dodgers do not need to win the offseason.

They sell plenty of tickets, leading the majors in home attendance the past seven seasons, including a franchise-record 3.974 million in 2019.

They also collect a reported $200 million per season in local TV revenue, even though many of their fans cannot watch their games due to a dispute between cable and satellite providers.

And finally, coming off a franchise-record 106 victories, they would be favored to win their eighth straight division title even if they did not make a single addition this winter.

Yet, even with all of those built-in excuses for inactivity, the Dodgers are pursuing the biggest free agents and exploring trades for the biggest stars.

This is Andrew Friedman’s style, even going back to his days with the low-revenue Rays — forever on the prowl, in search of impact, even though he rarely completes such deals. And now, with the Dodgers operating with the most payroll…

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