September 17, 2021

Joe Buck on if he might work into his 70s, fathering young twins, and the team he really favors (The Athletic)

It is an interesting time in Joe Buck’s life. Hectic, too. He and his wife, the ESPN broadcaster Michelle Beisner-Buck, are raising one-and-a-half-year-old twin boys (Blake and Wyatt) while juggling sports broadcasting careers at different networks. Buck’s NFL schedule has never been busier, with Thursday Night Football as well as a Sunday schedule. Super Bowl years are also always busy too: Buck and his partner Troy Aikman are scheduled to call Super Bowl LIV in Miami on Feb. 2, 2020, the sixth Super Bowl for the broadcasting team. Earlier this week, Buck sat down with me for an extended discussion on the Sports Media Podcast. Below is the transcript (lightly edited) of that conversation.

Here’s what I want to start. I was reading some stuff on your dad and he broadcast into his 70s. Everybody knows your dad was Jack Buck, one of the iconic voices of his era. It is a different time today. You have a different life. You have young children. But does what your dad…

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