September 22, 2021

MLB’s all-free-agent team: Let’s form a squad with the best players on the market (The Athletic)

With the Winter Meetings just days away, the free-agent market has found its stride in the past week. Starting pitchers are coming off the board, many of the catchers are already long gone, and a few more infielders and outfielders are starting to land in new places.

In an attempt to put the remaining market into context, here’s a 26-man roster of current free agents (with MLB expected to extend rosters by one player next season). Players are listed at their actual positions — no forcing someone into an unusual spot just to make the “best” team. The point of this exercise is to see which positions still have star power and which positions are already offering only second- and third-tier options.


Shogo Akiyama, CF

Anthony Rendon, 3B

Nicholas Castellanos, RF

Marcell Ozuna, LF

Didi Gregorius, SS

Edwin Encarnación, DH

Jonathan Schoop, 2B

Eric Thames, 1B


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