September 26, 2021

The Pressure Index: Ranking every MLB team’s need to win the Winter Meetings (The Athletic)

Perhaps the owner has grown antsy, which by extension could mean his general manager must look over his shoulder. Maybe there are institutional forces, the part of a fan base’s DNA conditioned always to want more. There might be a playoff drought, a championship drought or a new stadium to fill. But as the sport descends upon San Diego for baseball’s annual Winter Meetings on Sunday, each of the 30 teams will face various levels of motivation to actually get things done.

The participants fall into four basic classes. There will be the rebuilders, those with little to sell and fewer incentives to buy, the clubs that are so lost in the wilderness of a reimagining that they’ve got little reason to show up. Then there’s a group in the middle, which would be served equally well by standing pat or making moves. There’s another subset, this one for which adding should clearly be the priority. Finally, there are the teams that better make some headlines…

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