October 17, 2021

Chin Music, Episode 31: Like That Girl in Heathers (FanGraphs)

Friday is Chin Music day, so here we are. My co-host this week is the always entertaining Joe Sheehan, who takes a break from the tables to join us from Las Vegas, Nevada of all places. We begin with the Wild Card races and a discussion of why the Blue Jays seem to be getting far more buzz than the similarly surging Cardinals, complete with a tangent about a playoff structure that would be better than the current system. Then it’s time to talk about front office movement, indulge a rant about getting worked up over awards voting in September, and admit to some begrudging respect for the Rays and their 300 or so good pitchers.

We’re then joined by special guest Jorge Castillo of The Los Angeles Times to discuss the 2021 Dodgers. We consider the team both on and off the field, as well as its path to remaining a dominant franchise. From there, it’s some wedding talk, plus your emails on rebuilding, an international draft, and medical situations, then catching up with Jo, and a plug for some books and podcasts to help you get through the day.

As always, we hope you enjoy, and thank you for listening.

Music by Circus Trees.

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